About The Taber Law Firm

About The Taber Law Firm

The Taber Law Firm is a full-service Oklahoma criminal defense law firm with a track record of success and the happy clients to prove it. When you are charged with a crime, you need world-class legal help that is real, honest, affordable, and fast. At Morton Law Group, that’s what we work hard every day to give to our clients.

Criminal Defense for All of Oklahoma

Based in Ardmore, Oklahoma, The Taber Law Firm has served the criminal defense needs of Marshall County, Johnston County, Love County, Murray County, Carter County, and Bryan County in Oklahoma for more than 12 years.

No matter what police and prosecutors may say, all Oklahomans deserve a strong criminal defense when charged with a crime. We believe in each of our clients’ rights, regardless of social class, race, ethnicity, background, or the crime they’re accused of committing. That’s why we offer real criminal defense for all of Oklahoma. 

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Larra Forsythe Williams

Larra Forsythe Williams is an Associate Attorney with the Taber Law Firm, where she oversees and manages the Family Law Division of the firm. Her law practice focuses primarily on Paternity and Custody matters, Guardianships, and Dissolutions of Marriage. Prior to joining the Taber Law Firm, Larra was employed through Legal Aid Services of Southern Oklahoma where she gained valuable courtroom experience. Her time at Legal Aid allowed her the opportunity to explore many different areas of the law, and she soon discovered that her passion was in Family Law. Larra understands that divorces and separations effect all aspects of a person’s life, and she prides herself on helping people through these tough times. Larra takes the time to make sure that her clients are educated on the litigation process, are informed on the decisions they are making, and always does so in a professional and discreet manner. Larra’s results speak for themselves, and she has proven time and again that obtaining favorable outcomes for her client’s is her number one goal.

Larra is a 2004 graduate from Wilson High School. She then went on to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies and a Minor in Native American Studies from East Central University. She then continued her education at the Oklahoma City University School of Law where she graduated with her Juris Doctorate Degree in 2019 with a certificate in Native American Law. Fierce Advocacy…Powerful Results…Family First!

Aaron Taber

Aaron Taber

With over 10 years of experience as a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney Aaron Taber has invaluable experience and knowledge that separates him from other criminal defense lawyers. Mr. Taber has the unique ability to understand both sides of the criminal process and uses that knowledge to effectively and artfully fight for his clients. Raised in Ardmore, OK, Mr. Taber has now dedicated his law practice to helping, and defending, people during their most difficult times. As head of the Criminal Division at The Taber Law Firm, Mr. Taber prides himself on personal service, and his compassion for his clients is unmistakable. Whether it’s the one-on-one attention that he provides to each of his clients, or the late nights at the office returning phone calls and emails, Mr. Taber is committed to ensuring that all of his clients understand the criminal process. He realizes the stress and anxiety that comes with being a defendant in a criminal case, which is why he does everything that he can to lessen that burden.

After graduating from Ardmore High School with Honors in 2000, Mr. Taber attended Oklahoma State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in 2004. Unsure of what exactly he wanted to do with his life after college, he accepted a part-time job at an Oklahoma City Law Firm and quickly fell in love with the law. In 2009, Mr. Taber graduated for the University of Oklahoma College of Law, and since 2010, he has been practicing law in Ardmore and the surrounding communities.

Proven Results

Track Record of Success as an Oklahoma Criminal Defense Law Firm

As a criminal defense attorney you won’t make it as a law firm if your clients always get convicted. To rise to the status of “Best” criminal defense firm in Oklahoma, you have to have a track record of success, from not-guilty verdicts and dropped charges to favorable plea deals and alternative sentences.

That’s what we offer to our clients. The Taber Law Firm has handled hundreds of felony cases, helping our clients get out of situations they thought were impossible to escape again and again.

Handling a Wide Variety of Criminal Charges

The team at The Taber Law Firm handles a wide variety of Oklahoma criminal charges — both felonies and misdemeanors — to ensure that we can truly help our clients with whatever legal situation they find themselves in.

If you don’t see your charge listed here, that’s OK.

Just give us a call at 580-226-4400

To discuss your unique charge and how The Taber Law Firm can help.

Here are some examples of the cases we routinely handle:

Affordable Criminal Defense Attorneys Offering Flexible Payment Options

Not everyone has the cash on hand to pay exorbitant attorney fees while they are facing serious criminal charges. We understand that. It’s why we offer flexible payment options to all of our clients.

Many lower-income Oklahomans facing criminal charges are tempted to choose a public defender to save money. While many public defenders are skilled criminal defense attorneys, they are notoriously overworked. Their high caseloads mean they may not be able to give your case the individual time and attention it deserves.
At The Taber Law Firm, we believe you should have more options than just a public defender and an expensive private defense attorney. With us, you can get all the knowledge and experience of private attorneys and the cost-saving options you need to make it work with your wallet.

Talk to our team about our payment plans and flexible payment options to find out more.

Defense Attorneys Who Really Care

Being charged with a crime can make you feel like you don’t have a friend in the world. You are alone and facing a legal battle that could define the next few decades of your life. You need an ally who actually cares about what’s happening to you — and your future.

That’s where we come in. From day one, the whole team at our Oklahoma criminal defense firm is on your side and no one else’s. We will take the time to not just listen to your story but really hear it. That’s how we will understand your needs and how we can best serve you. From the day you team up with The Taber Law Firm, you’re family.

Legal Help That’s as Unique as Your Case

Our primary goal is to create custom defense strategies that really work for you. We don’t do one-size-fits-all criminal defense — and no one should. A criminal charge that could land you in jail or prison for years deserves a defense that is tailored to your unique situation.

To make sure you get the defense you deserve, The Taber Law Firm will provide a case manager and legal team that is dedicated to your case. We’ll walk you through every step of the legal process, from arraignment to trial and beyond.

Legal Help the Way You Need It: Free Consultations, Virtual Consultations

Not every Oklahoma criminal defense law firm offers 100% free consultations, but The Taber Law Firm does. And to accommodate busy schedules, we also offer virtual consultations. That’s legal help exactly when and where you need it.

To speak with the criminal defense attorneys at The Taber Law Firm, call 580-226-4400 or contact us online. Our representatives are available to you 24/7. We’re ready to get started on your case.

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