Areas Served

Areas Served

The process you are forced to go through after getting charged with a crime in Oklahoma involves a lot of court appearances and meetings with your lawyers. That is why it is so important to connect with criminal defense lawyers who serve your area and can meet with you on your terms.

At The Taber Law Firm, that is exactly what we offer our clients. If you choose to work with us, we will do everything we can to make sure meeting with us is hassle-free for you. Our top attorneys serve the criminal defense needs of a large number of cities and counties in Southern Oklahoma.


Counties Served

We routinely take criminal defense cases from clients in the following Southern Oklahoma counties: 

Whether you are in Ardmore, Norman or one of the many towns and unincorporated areas in Southern Oklahoma, The Taber Law Firm can help you fight your criminal charge.

Southern Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorneys

As criminal defense lawyers serving Southern Oklahoma, we know the local judges, the prosecutors and the courthouses. That means we can offer a defense that works well with our local institutions and legal authorities. 

We know this area well because we live here — we’re locals. When you search “criminal defense lawyer near me,” we want to be the solution that works for you. To make that happen, we serve various Oklahoma counties and handle a wide variety of criminal charges.

Fighting Criminal Charges in Southern Oklahoma

There is no getting around it: When you are charged with a crime, you are either about to face a legal fight or bow down and accept the punishments. Most people choose the fight, but when you are already struggling to understand the charges, court dates and penalties, building a strong defense to your charge is probably not something you are prepared to handle. That’s where The Taber Law Firm comes in.

We make it our business to help the people of Southern Oklahoma fight their criminal charges and dodge harsh punishments. Every person deserves a great legal defense, regardless of who they are, where they live or what they have been charged with.

We represent Southern Oklahoma clients in a wide variety of criminal defense matters, including felony, misdemeanor, DUI, assault, battery, murder, manslaughter, domestic violence, drug, gun, sex crime, embezzlement and fraud charges.

Based in Ardmore, OK

The Taber Law Firm is a Southern Oklahoma criminal defense law firm based in Ardmore. We are more than happy to meet with clients from any of the surrounding areas. And to better serve Southern Oklahoma, we are planning to open an office in Norman, too.

No matter where in Southern Oklahoma you are located, we can work with you to arrange a mutually beneficial meeting time and place to discuss your case and the plan of action to help you get your life back and avoid harsh criminal penalties.

Free Virtual Consultations with a Criminal Defense Lawyer

At The Taber Law Firm, clients are always the top priority. That is why we offer free consultations — while some criminal defense law firms want to nickel and dime clients for every single minute they spend together, we want to work with you to ensure our firm is the right fit and that your bank account isn’t drained after working with us.

We take the convenience of free consultations a step further to offer free virtual consultations. That way, no matter where in Oklahoma you are, you can meet with top criminal defense lawyers as long as you have an internet connection. 

Offering free virtual consultations with criminal defense lawyers enables us to better serve our clients by reducing their travel time and stress. To schedule your free virtual consultation with Morton Law Group, call 580-226-4400 or contact us online.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer Near You

If you have been charged with a crime in Southern Oklahoma, The Taber Law Firm can help. And we’re just around the corner. With free virtual consultations, flexible appointment times, a wide number of counties served and local attorneys, we can serve you where you are and when you need us.

The right lawyers can mean the difference between years behind bars and a future filled with the freedom you deserve. To speak with criminal defense lawyers in Southern Oklahoma, reach out to The Taber Law Firm.

Give us a call at 580-226-4400 or reach out through our online contact form.